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May 3-4 2025

Regulation Vertikal

VIBRAM® Vertikal Only Up To Mottarone
May 5th 2024


Some parts of the regulation may be modified due to essential organizational needs; should this need arise, prompt notice will be given.


In the weeks preceding the event, the "Covid-19 prevention protocol" developed by the organizers will be published and will contain precise indications regarding the preventive measures and behaviors to be adopted, created both on the basis of the needs imposed by the event itself and by national and/or regional regulations, as well as the regulations of the Federation to which they belong. 


Art. 1 Organization

The “Motty Green Trail Team” Amateur Sports Association, affiliated with UISP, organizes the following Trail Running races:

  • Vibram® Max...i Trail Mottarone 60 Km 2.700 d+
  • Vibram® Max...i Trail Mottarone Relay 28 Km 1.850 d+ / 32 Km 850 d+
  • Vibram® 2 Comuni Trail Mottarone 25 Km 1.600 d+
  • Vibram® Mottyno Run Mottarone 15 Km 500 d+
  • Vibram® Vertikal Only Up To Mottarone 15km 1.400 d+


Art. 2 Race

The race consists of a walking race in a natural environment starting on Sunday 5 May 2024 at 09.30 from Piazza Marinai d'Italia in Baveno (VB) and develops along the paths that climb towards the Mottarone peak, reaching it, then touching all the municipalities that overlook its slopes and then descend towards the town of Stresa (Vb) arriving on the lakefront. The race takes place in a single stage, at free speed, in a limited and controlled time.


Art. 3 Partecipation

The race is open to all people, men and women, who are 18 years old (16 years old with parental authorization) at the time of registration, with a medical certificate of competitive sporting fitness valid for athletics.

To participate in the test it is necessary to be registered with a sports club recognized by CONI; if the athlete does not have one, the organization will arrange for his registration via Uisp for the sum of 10 euros. Registrations will not be accepted from athletes who are serving disqualifications for doping in any discipline.

The limit of members is set at 500 athletes for the Vibram® Vertikal Only Up To Mottarone 15km 1.400 d+


Art. 4 Semi Self-sufficiency

The Vibram® Vertikal Only Up To Mottarone is a semi-self-sufficiency race, a principle according to which the athlete must be able to manage the autonomy of travel on the track between start and finish with his own food and water reserves.

The athlete must also be aware of the length and particularity of the race and be aware that their participation requires adequate physical preparation necessary to overcome situations that require good physical and psychological personal autonomy.

To support the athletes and to guarantee their autonomy there will be 3 water points and 2 refreshments.

Vibram® Vertikal Only Up To Mottarone joins the "I don't throw away my waste" campaign; There will be no plastic cups at any refreshment point; athletes must provide themselves with a glass, eco-cup or personal container suitable for use. Each runner must ensure that, upon departure from each refueling point, they have the minimum quantity of water they will need to reach the next refreshment point.

Private individual assistance to athletes is absolutely prohibited along the route outside of the refreshment points. Furthermore, any form of accompaniment or shadowing of the athletes on the course is prohibited.


Art. 5 Registration conditions and route

Departure from Piazza Marinai d'Italia in the municipality of Baveno (VB) landing stage area, short panoramic ring between the hamlets of Romanico and Roncaro, until reaching the walkway in Tranquilla where you can top up your liquids before tackling the climb on the CAI path towards Monte Camoscio (km 8.5). From here you continue along the CAI path on the ridge which partly overlooks Cusio and partly onto Lake Maggiore, passing through Monte Crocino, the Vedabia alp (11km) and moving onto the mountain farm road at the foot of Monte Zughero (a short climb but which requires intense physical effort), once you reach the top of the hill the Alpe Nuovo CAI Baveno refuge will appear before your attention (13 km) refreshment and last part of the farewell to reach the Mottarone summit and refreshment at the Parco Mottarone ski area 15 km (gate time 4h - 1.30pm)

Art. 5 bis Covid 19 rescue plan and prevention protocol

Please remember that the race takes place in a mountain environment and is always potentially dangerous and that despite all the commitment from an organizational point of view, with men and means, it will never be possible to guarantee the safety of timely rescue in case of danger. There will be adequate rescue and assistance coverage carried out by: Stresa CRI, Baveno CRI, Mottarone slope rescue, Alpine Rescue, CAI Baveno, CAI Stresa, CAI Omegna, AIB Someraro, AIB Granerolo CIPS and A-Team. The organizers prepare an appropriate Health Plan which contains the methods of management and organization of the Relief. This document is subject to verification and shared with the bodies responsible for both health and technical emergency emergencies, each with their own competence. All rescue bodies will be provided with race tracks, as well as ambulance services.

Competitors are reminded that, in addition to being in tune with the ethics of Trail Running, they have the legal and moral obligation to provide assistance to another athlete in difficulty.

The organizers prepare the Covid 19 anti-contagion protocol, taking into account in particular the anti-contagion prevention referring both to the structures (convention center, refreshment points, arrival area, etc.) and to the people (athletes and volunteers) involved in the event same.

The document will give precise indications regarding the preventive measures and behaviors to be adopted and is created on the basis of the needs imposed by the event itself, as well as by national and/or regional regulations, as well as the regulations of the federation to which it belongs. This document will be drawn up closer to the date of the event.


Art. 6 Registration method and fee

Registration takes place via the internet by completing the appropriate form in its entirety, no later than the dates established and highlighted in the registration form. Payment is made upon registration via an online service with credit card, Paypal, Satispay. Once payment has been made and confirmed by the Bankpass service, and the medical certificate has been sent, the registration will be recorded as having taken place in the organisation's database. When registering you will be asked to read the competition regulations and mark your understanding and approval. Each runner must sign a release in which he states that he is aware of the difficulties of the test that he will face and the commitment to bring with him all the material necessary to face the race safely.

Each member will be able to consult their registration form at any time on the site

Registration fee:

Registrations will open on Monday 17 January 2023 and will close on Wednesday 01 May 2024 or when 500 athletes are reached.

The registration fee is 20.00 euros for the Vibram® Vertikal Only Up To Mottarone and includes:

  • race pack
  • refreshments during the route
  • four-color bib with chip
  • Finisher medal (for those who complete the course)
  • Finisher diploma
  • final pasta party
  • shower service

The registration fee does not include anything not expressly declared. 


Art. 7 Acceptance of the rules and ethics of the race

Participation in the " Vibram® Vertikal Only Up To Mottarone" event leads to the unreserved acceptance of these regulations and the ethics of the race, published by the organization and available for consultation on the website

Having read the regulations at the time of registration seals the relationship between the signing athlete and the organizers of the race itself. 


Art. 8 Refund of registration fees

In the event of cancellation of the event for reasons attributable to the health crisis linked to Covid 19, a full refund will be made of the fee paid upon registration, with a deduction of 5 euros due to the cost of managing the refund procedure.

The organization provides alternative routes to be implemented in case of adverse weather.


Art. 9 Mandatory material

By registering, each runner undertakes to carry with him all the mandatory material listed below throughout the race, under penalty of disqualification or chronometric penalty. Random checks may be carried out before or during the race and immediately after crossing the finish line.

Mandatory material Vibram® Vertikal Only Up To Mottarone:

  • backpack or pouch that can contain the material listed below
  • thermal sheet
  • whistle
  • glass/ecocup or container for drinking at the refreshment points
  • windproof jacket
  • water reserve (minimum 500 ml)
  • food reserve
  • phone with saved emergency number 


Art. 10 Race Bibs and chips

The bib is necessary to access all the event services. Each bib is issued individually to each athlete upon presentation of an identity document with photo. The bib must be worn on the chest or belly and must always be visible in its entirety throughout the race. It must therefore be placed over all clothing and under no circumstances fixed to the backpack. The Chip is an integral part of the bib and is positioned on the back of the same. Before the start, each runner must pass through the entrance gates to be registered. When passing through a control point and upon arrival, the runner must ensure that he has been properly registered. Punching is essential because the comparison between the two checks allows you to ensure that there are no missing competitors. In case of failure to register the passage and the consequent start of the search for the runner, any resulting expense will be charged to the runner himself. 


Art. 11 Safety and medical assistance

An emergency call station is established at each water or refreshment point. These places are connected via radio or telephone with the rescue bodies, in close contact with the race management, doctor and specialized operators. Ambulances, vehicles and staff from CRI Stresa, CRI Baveno, Mottarone slope rescue, Alpine rescue, CAI Baveno, CAI Stresa, CAI Omegna, AIB Someraro, AIB Granerolo and A-Team will be present in the area. The rescue stations are intended to provide assistance to all people in danger with the organization's own means or through affiliated bodies. The official doctors are authorized to suspend competitors deemed unfit to continue the race. Rescuers are authorized to evacuate runners judged to be in danger using all means at their convenience. In case of necessity, for reasons that are in the interest of the person rescued, solely and exclusively at the discretion of the organization, official mountain rescue will be called upon, who will take over the management of the operations and will implement all appropriate means, including the helicopter. Any expenses resulting from the use of these exceptional means will be borne by the person rescued in accordance with current regulations and for this reason we advise each runner to protect themselves with their own private insurance. A runner who appeals to a doctor or a rescuer effectively submits to his authority and undertakes to respect his decisions. 


Art. 12 Control post and refueling stations

The detection of competitors is carried out at all control posts or water points. Only runners wearing a clearly visible bib have access to the refueling stations. The Road Book will indicate the precise list of refueling places and water points to be able to fill the camel bag or water bottle. "Flying" checkpoints could be positioned in other places outside of the checkpoints or refreshment points, their location will not be communicated by the organization.


Art. 13 Maximum time and time gates

The maximum test time is set at 4 hours. These time gates are calculated to allow participants to reach the finish line within the maximum set time, while still making any stops at the refreshment points. To be authorized to continue the test, competitors must restart from the control point before the set deadline, otherwise they will be disqualified and their bib will be withdrawn. The competitor who wishes to continue without a bib out of the race will do so assuming all responsibility for the consequences that may occur. In case of bad weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to suspend the race in progress, delay the start, change the route or modify the time barrier.

N.b. “La Scopa”, a full member of the race management, has the full right to stop an athlete at any time, even not at a time gate.

Water points and refreshment points:

  • Monte Camoscio water point
  • Alpe Nuovo CAI water point Baveno (VB)
  • Mottarone Vetta refreshment point (gate time 1.30 pm)

The starting time of the event is set for 09.30.

Any possible modification decisions will be made on the basis of the Covid 19 regulations that will be in force in that period. (see art. 5 bis) 


Art. 14 Dropouts and returns

In case of need, the competitor must call the assistance number shown on their bib number. In case of abandoning the race along the route, the competitor is obliged, as soon as he has the opportunity, to go to the nearest checkpoint, communicate his abandonment by registering and the organization will take care of his return to Stresa. In case of failure to communicate a withdrawal and the consequent start of searches, any resulting expense will be charged to the runner himself.


Art. 15 Penalties and disqualifications

Controllers on the route are authorized to check the mandatory material and in general compliance with the entire regulation. All competitors not found in possession, at the time of checking on the route, of even just one element of the mandatory material will be penalized or immediately disqualified, without the possibility of appealing this sanction. Irregularities ascertained, including through photo and/or video images received by the organization after the race, may cause penalties or disqualifications. The competition jury can disqualify a competitor in the event of a serious breach of the rules:

  • Bib worn incorrectly
  • Bib exchange
  • Failure to pass through a checkpoint
  • Lack of part or all of the mandatory material
  • Use of a means of transport
  • Doping or refusal to undergo a doping test
  • Failure to assist another competitor in case of need
  • Use of personal assistance or failure to respect the ban on being accompanied along the route
  • Abandonment of own material or waste along the route
  • Insults, rudeness or threats against members of the organization or volunteers
  • I refuse to be examined by a doctor delegated by the organization
  • Route cuts 


Art. 16 Complaints 

Only written complaints are accepted within 30 minutes following the posting of the rankings, with the delivery of a deposit of 100.00 euros. 


Art. 17 Jury

The jury of the Vibram® Trail Mottarone race will be composed of:

  • From the race director Massimo Valsesia
  • From the coordinator responsible for safety
  • By the head of the medical team
  • From the managers of the checkpoints
  • All competent persons designated by the President of the organizing committee

The jury is authorized to decide in a time compatible with the obligations of the race on all arguments or disqualifications that occur during the race. The decisions taken are without appeal. 


Art. 18 Road book

Il Road book it’s available on the web site

Competitors are invited to carefully read it and, if necessary, download and print it. No copy of the Road book will be delivered with the bibs to the competitors.


Art. 19 Insurance

The organization takes out civil liability insurance for the entire period of the event. Participation takes place under the entire responsibility of the competitors, who renounce any appeal against the organizers in the event of damage and further consequences that arise following the race. The competitor must know that, despite all the prevention measures adopted by the organization, he is taking part in a Trail running event which is a competition in nature and must be responsible for all his actions as good practice for every mountain visitor. At the time of registration, the athlete must sign the liability release and acceptance of the regulations.


Art. 20 Rankings and prizes

Only competitors who reach the finish line near the arrival area and who register within the time limit will be included in the ranking. No cash prize will be distributed. Each runner who crosses the finish line will be awarded the "Finisher Medal". A general women's and a men's ranking will be drawn up and prizes will be awarded to the first 3 women and the first 3 men in the competition. The awards will be held at the times established in the official program of the event; if one or more competitors do not reach the finish line in time to be present at the awards ceremony, they will be rewarded later.


Art. 21 Image rights

Each competitor expressly renounces the right to make use of image rights during the test, as well as renounces any appeal against the organization and its authorized partners, for the use of their image.

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