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May 4-5 2024

28+32km – Vibram® Max...i Trail Mottarone Relay


Departure from Piazza Marinai d'Italia in the municipality of Baveno (VB) landing stage area, short panoramic ring between the hamlets of Romanico and Roncaro, until reaching the walkway in Tranquilla where you can top up your liquids before tackling the climb on the CAI path towards Monte Camoscio (km 8.5). From here you continue along the CAI path on the ridge which partly overlooks Cusio and partly onto Lake Maggiore, passing through Monte Crocino, the Vedabia alp (11km) and moving onto the mountain farm road at the foot of Monte Zughero (a short climb but which requires intense physical effort), once you reach the top of the hill the Alpe Nuovo CAI Baveno refuge will appear before your attention (13 km) refreshment and last part of the farewell to reach the Mottarone summit and refreshment at the Parco Mottarone ski area 15 km (time gate 4h - 12.00).

Continue along the downhill ridge overlooking Lake Orta and its majesty the giant Monte Rosa, a technical downhill stretch and on mountain pasture meadows where you can enjoy a unique panorama. Once you reach Alpe Film you will turn left to enter the pine forest of the Mottarone Park, a downhill section which is entirely practicable to reach the Volpe mountain pastures and reach the three mountains (km 25) where a balcony ring will take you on a dirt road to the base life and relay transition area in the town of Coiromonte (time gate 6 at 2.00 pm): hot meal, liquid and solid refreshment.

We set off again towards Gignese along CAI paths and a manageable stretch to reach the area called "La Miniera". You will face the passage over an ancient bridge to cross the Erno river, go up and reach the central streets of Gignese (km 35 for the long race and km 7 for the relay), in the village you will find liquid refreshment before climbing steeply to the giant Troll bench and tackling the troll path downhill. From here there is a small asphalted stretch to go down to the local aqueduct, crossing the river and on the wild path go up for a couple of km to Alpe Marta, still going up the CAI path in the beech forest you will pass by Alpe Taie and reach the point called 'the term' border area between the province of Novara and Verbania. The race now returns to the Mottarone park, descending into the valley, among grazing meadows and birch trees, surrounded by greenery. Short climb to reach the Stazione Bar where you will find liquid and solid refreshment (km 43 for the long race and km 15 for the relay). Stresa is no longer very far away: the route is sometimes single track and sometimes passable where you can let your legs go, furthermore Lake Maggiore will sometimes offer you unique balconies not to mention what you will see when tackling the ring inside the Gardens Botanici Alpinia a real gem to taste... you will start descending again until you reach the town of Levo (km 50 km for the long race and km 22 for the relay) liquid refreshment and off you go for a sprint downhill towards Someraro and then Stresa which will be there ready to welcome you for the last km through the streets of the centre.

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